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A difficult situation is sometimes easier to deal with if we talk about it.
Advice – Information – Support

Many women experience various forms of violence during their lives. Some types of violence are acts of war and rape. But violence can also be carried out by a partner, by other members of the family or by other people close to the victim.

Many women do not want to speak about what has happened to them: they are afraid or embarrassed.

A difficult situation is sometimes easier to deal with, if we speak about it.

The aim of an advisory session is to help women come to terms with their experiences and injuries. The focus is on what the women have experienced and how they feel about it.

We inform you and advise you about women’s rights. Together we develop possible strategies and work out support programs.

All the staff at the Frauenberatungsstelle are women. The people who work for us are obliged not to inform anybody about what they talk about in the sessions.

The service is free of charge.

The women can arrange an appointment by phoning us or sending us an email.

If the woman only speaks only a little or no German, then we can arrange for a female interpreter to be present.


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